Vietnamese women’s day at Hoang Giang factory in La Gi town

Vietnamese women’s day, October 20th, came in the warm welcome of all Hoang Giang workers. Here in La Gi, Binh Thuan province, the board of director and the labor union celebrated the day with a party admiring all female workers as well as giving best wishes to ones whose birthday is in October.  

In Vietnam, except March 8th, October 20th is the day when all Vietnamese women are recognized for their social merits and personal efforts in taking care of their own small families. As a company where human is the most important source, Hoang Giang Ltd held an outdoor party for all staff to join after work.


The CEO gave best wishes to all female employees


Female workers received flower as a small gift for October 20th

As another part of the party, all staff born in October received a gift for their birthday. It is a cake with the unique color of the company.





Everyone eagerly blew the candles and cut their birthday cake.


People showed their hidden talents in singing.


The party is full of happiness, laughs and songs.
The party is full of happiness, laughs and songs.
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