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Vietnamese agarwood (oud) essential oil grade B is the high quality agarwood oil product manufactured by Hoang Giang Ltd. Agarwood (oud) essential oil grade B is the best choice if you are searching for perfume or a material in making perfume. The scent of oil grade B is totally natural, without existence of toxic fragrance.

Why this product?

High Quality

Vietnamese agarwood (oud) essential oil grade B contains pure oil extracted from the agarwood inside Vietnamese aquilaria crassna trees. No other fragrance is mixed with this pure oil, so its scent is natural, woody, and wild. The oil after being applied to the skin lasts for up to 6 hours at the temperature of 25°C to 30°C.

Best Safety

Hoang Giang agarwood (oud) essential oil grade B is made from pure agarwood, which has been collected after 2 or 3 years from the implantation. No toxic chemicals or fragrance is added to the oil. All is pure and natural.

The oil has been carefully tested and reported NEGATIVE for allergens and Phthalate (a type of chemical that increases the viscidity but harmful for users).

All oil products are certified with CITES, COA and MSDS.

Special scent

Agarwood scent can release stress, banish miasma, and generate elegant atmosphere.


You may use this oil as perfume by applying directly to your skin or put it into diffusers and enjoy relaxing atmosphere in your car, room, house, office, spa, etc. The scent of this grade is very strong, so it may not be pleasant to someone. However, if you are not looking for a sweet but strong and wild aroma, oil grade B is a good idea. Furthermore, oil grade B is most appropriate for making perfume because of lower price. For perfume manufacturers, this oil can be used as a base note ingredient. Agarwood essential oil, moreover, is a valuable element of some medicine. 

In case you prefer sweet earthy scent, have a look at our essential oil grade S and grade A.

Product Information

Product Name: Agarwood oil – Oud oil – Gaharu oil 
Type: Essential oil
Material: 100% agarwood (aquilaria crassna)
Place of origin: Binh Thuan province, Vietnam.
Brand name:  Hoang Giang
Grade B
Model number: AOB
Extract method Water Distillation
Color: Dark red brown
Specifications: very long lasting, no chemicals or artificial color added
Scent very strong, wild, woody scent
Lasting time 6 – 8 hours (25°C to 30°C)
Certificate: CITES, COA, MSDS, CO

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Volumn types 3ml, 5ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml
Package Glass or aluminum bottle. Carton box outside
Min order quantity 10 ml
Shipping  DHL or FedEx (No free ship)
Delivery time 1 week after payment

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