Agarwood: The Most Expensive Wood Fragrant

The growth of agarwood

Agarwood is the result of pathological, wounding and no pathological processes (According to Ng et al.1997). Resin is in response to wounding, that fungal infection can increase resin production as a host reponse to increased damage due to fungal growth. Aquilaria trees are naturally infected by a variety of fungi including:  Aspergillus  spp.,  Botryodyplodia spp., Diplodi a spp.,  Fusarium bulbiferum ,F.laterium, F. oxysporum ,  F. solani , Penicillium  spp., and  Pythium spp. (Anon.,1998a; Santoso, 1996, cited in Soehartono and Mardiastuti, 1997; Wiriadinata, 1995).

The age of the tree, different in the tree caused by seasonal,environment and genetic variation of Aquilaria that is the important reason in agarwood formed.Not all Aquilaria trees produce agarwood, only 10% of mature trees above 20 cm diameter . Addition, the infected trees produce resin from the age 20 years onwards. Sadgopal (1960, cited in Soehartono, 1997) suggesting the best agarwood from trees aged 50 years and over. However, the research by The Rainforest Project (TRP) in Vietnam have shown that agarwood formation can occur in cultivated trees as young as three years of age.

This is the picture of Aquilaria from immature to mature in Vietnam:

Aquilaria crassna seedling  Aquilaria crassna (4)  Aquilaria crassna

Agarwood: The Most Expensive Wood Fragrant

Because agarwood has been use in many field with a special value. Agarwood in Medicine, agarwood in perfume and agarwood is use in as incense in Buddhist, Muslims and Hindus religious ceremonies. About 10% of mature tree  can produce agarwood, and the process takes place for many year. The artisans are very careful to harvest Agarwood that is the most expensive wood fragrant 

In Medicine : Agarwood is used as an ingredient for treating asthma,  pleurisy, rheumatism. The Agarwood is also know to be beneficial to stomach, the liver and lungs.  Agarwood has been used as high quality incense . Agarwood scent is a sweet, deep but balanced fragrance as a result the agarwood price is high in the market.  The products of agarwood has been use are: essential oils, beads, soaps, shampoos …Addition the trading also takes in the form of wood, wood chips, powder and oil. The Agarwood oil is special oil used in Muslim religious ceremonies.

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