Vietnamese agarwood (oud) chips grade A 0.5mm – ACPA

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Vietnamese agarwood (oud) chips grade A 0.5mm is one of the best agarwood chips product manufactured by Hoang Giang Ltd. The 2 sides of agarwood (oud) chips grade A 0.5mm are mainly resin with little white wood left.

Agarwood chips are made absolutely in Vietnam, free of toxic chemicals or artificial color. We can be a stable supplier for partners who are interested in Vietnamese agarwood.


Why this product?

High Quality

Vietnamese agarwood (oud) chips grade A 0.5mm is peeled off the injured bark inside Vietnamese aquilaria crassna trees, then treated by skilled artisans. After many hours of carefulness, they turn a rough log into a very thin flat chip totally by hand. The majority of 1 side is resin, with very little white wood left and the other side contains mostly resin (not as much as the first side). Thus, when burning this agar wood on charcoal, you will feel a sweet, earthy, warm aroma with only a bit spicy smoke of ordinary wood.

Best Safety

Hoang Giang agarwood (oud) chips grade A 0.5mm is made from pure agarwood, which has been collected after 2 or 3 years from the implantation from the implantation on over-8-year-old aquilaria crassna trees… No fragrance is added to strengthen the scent of the wood, so the smell is natural and soft at room temperature.

Special scent

Agarwood scent can release stress, banish miasma, and generate elegant space.


You may burn agarwood (oud) chips grade A 0.5mm and enjoy relaxing atmosphere in your car, room, house, office, spa, etc. Charcoal is suggested to be used because it does not release smoke while being burned. Besides, electric incense burners are also very helpful in case you do not like using coal.

In addition, agarwood chips can be grilled to make incense, bakhoor or to extract high quality essential oil.

Note: The less white wood remains, the more aromatic the chip is. Depending on the level of scent you would like, we are glad to suggest you the most suitable products via HOTLINE +84 973 770 639 (whatsapp & viber available).

Compare with agarwood (oud) chips grade S 0.5mm

Product Information

Product Name: Agarwood chip – Oud chip – Gaharu chip
Material: 100% agarwood (aquilaria crassna)
Place of origin: Binh Thuan province, Vietnam.
Brand name:  Hoang Giang
Grade A
Model number: ACPA
Color: Dark brown
Specifications: cleaning white wood on 2 sides, majority is oil
Thickness ≤ 0.5 mm
Scent warm, sweet earthy scent
Certificate: CITES
Sample Free sample; No free ship

Package & Delivery

Package Nylon bags. Carton box outside
Min order quantity 0.5 kg
Shipping  DHL or FedEx (No free ship)
Delivery time 1 week after payment

Payment method

T/T in advance

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Main office & Factory:

Nguyen Minh Chau Street, Hiep Cuong Hamlet, Tan Tien Village, Lagi Town, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.

Trading office:

L40, Street No. 11, Him Lam Residence Area, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Hotline: (+84) 973 770 639 (available on whatsapp & viber)




Here is the video about our high quality grade A agarwood chips :

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